Mireya Guzman Art

Hi, I’m Mireya Guzman

I’m a student at Texas A&M University – Corpus Christi majoring in art and I plan to graduate in the Fall of 2022. I’ve been doing digital art for almost 5 years. I started doing art traditionally with graphite and charcoal before attending school and learning other mediums such as watercolor and pastels. I began to take an interest in digital art after noticing the freedom and diversity in the medium. I quickly picked up Clip Studio Paint and it has since become my preferred program. Recently, I have been working on pieces focusing on character design and storytelling. My areas of interest going forward are animation and visual development.

If you are interested in my services you can contact me at Valkyrieinpink@gmail.comĀ or direct message me on Twitter or Instagram @Valkyrieinpink

If you would like to see my resume it is available here.